mandag den 23. april 2012

New 123D tests

Been testing 123D Catch, this time with some sculptures.

fredag den 6. april 2012

Amazing new software

I've been testing out Autodesk's beta software, 123D Catch, which creates a 3D mesh using photos. This is an amazing tool for reference.

søndag den 24. juli 2011

New job

Just got my first studio gig at Ubisoft Massive as a Junior 3D Character Artist

fredag den 1. april 2011


Brawl update:

Started modeling.

tirsdag den 22. marts 2011


I've decided to enter the new Polycount contest Brawl.
See my thread at:

Here are some of the thumbnails/concept for my design. I've choosen the fighter Blanka from Street Fighter and gave him a twist.

søndag den 6. februar 2011



tirsdag den 14. december 2010

Done and done!

My Entry for the PreDominanceWarV 2010: General Grobut